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Silas Endicott


Silas Endicott | Wayne, WV

Sky High  

Installation, Dimensions Variable 


Artist Statement

Sky High

The title of this piece is Sky High. When I hear the word “flight” the first thing that comes to mind is traveling with my mother and so I created paper planes that appear as though they are ascending on a runway to invoke the feeling of air travel. Each plane has a drawing created using pochoir and acrylic paint that is based off of photos taken on our trips while the runways are made of plastic canvas and yarn. The first and last plane have numbers on the runway much like an actual runway. I wanted the numbers to be symbolic and so “19” represents 2019, which was the year of our first trip and “21” represents the number of our latest trip together in 2021. The first plane is of Stonehenge, the second is the Eiffel Tower, the third is the Washington Monument, and the final is a geode in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

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