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Julianna Geyer

Geyer- Keep Your Bliss .jpeg

Julianna Geyer | Charleston, WV

Keep Your Bliss

36” x 48” x 2” | Mixed Media


Artist Statement

Keep Your Bliss

The current pandemic we are experiencing warped my perception of what it means to live and my world turned gray. Within the recent months, thanks to the technology of vaccines, I have slowly been able to start to live again. A pivotal switch in my perception was when I got to attend a concert with my sibling. We got to sing and dance with them to our favorite artist for the second time. The exact moment I saw the change in my point of view of flight was when I watched them with childlike wonder in their eyes as they watched confetti fall from the celling. I was able to attend four concerts last fall and every time, as soon as the lights drop and the rumble of the bass floods the floor, it feels like I’m flying. 

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