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Jacob Wood

Final Version of Clipped Wings Fixed.jpg

Jacob Wood | Kenova, WV 

Clipped Wings May Fly Again
30” x 22” | Mixed Media (Blue Ballpoint Pen/Ink, Styrofoam,
Acrylic, Watercolor) 


Artist Statement

Clipped Wings May Fly Again

Ballpoint blue ink represents me, and here the blue ink renders me exposed, fragile, and natural to the viewer. Though you cannot see my face, you can still share in this moment of triumph, pain, or regret. I have clipped my own wings in order to save myself. Do not be afraid to close a chapter of your life to start a new one. Do not be afraid to save yourself. Am I proud, or am I broken? Beautiful wings can take you wherever you want to go, but sometimes they fly too close to the sun. Sometimes they have a mind of their own, your brain says one thing, but your heart says another, and your wings are already flapping in the direction of your doom. Sometimes you need to clip your own wings in order to save yourself from yourself.

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