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Kayley Dillon | Milton, WV

Ethan Willis | Bridgeport, WV
Secular Iconography

App. 72” x 60” | Graphite  


Artists Statement

Secular Iconography

This work is a collaboration between artists Kayley Dillon and Ethan Willis. We both decided that we wanted to work together. When thinking about the concept of flight we both found ourselves drawn towards creatures who have the natural ability to fly and their wings. The creatures whose wings we decided to draw are a bat, eagle, albatross, and a moth. We found them beautiful and wanted to capture their beauty in our drawings. To invoke a sense of awe we decided to make this piece huge, and each wing is spread outwards to show off its wingspan. While each pair of wings is unique they are spliced together and appear to form a mass of wings that reminds us of biblical angels. Truthfully, we had no intention to make this work religious, but we both love how it can be interpreted as some sort of being.

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