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Emily Fuller


Emily Fuller | Hurricane, WV

Feels Like Tar: No Resistance

9” x 12” | India Ink and Charcoal


Emily Fuller | Hurricane, WV

Feels Like Tar: Hopeful Walk

12” x 9” | India Ink and Charcoal


Artist Statement

Feels Like Tar

I’ve heard some people say things like, creative minds can’t break, but that’s just not true, sometimes it can feel like it’s already broken. These pieces are meant to connect the feeling of depression to that of a bird stuck in a black tar pit, unable to move. When it first starts, it’s a hot liquid and it hurts, but as time goes on and the liquid cools, you’re left calmer and almost comfortable, but it has hardened and you’re stuck. When the sun comes back up and the tar begins to heat up, you start to feel that hot pain again, but you’re able to move. You’re able to get out again, and while it may hurt and take some time to do so, the sun will keep shining to help you stand up and walk away. 


I’m sure many people can relate with struggling with depression and
especially the pandemic making it worse. Sometimes it just feels like you’re sinking and there’s not much you’re able to do. Once you feel like you’re finally able to get up and start walking away from that, it’s
important to remember that may always be with you, you may not always be able to wash that tar off. It can stick to you and make it hard for you to fly but in the end we also need to remember that it will be okay. When you’re really low it can take a long time to relearn how to be happy sometimes. In the same way that you have to learn how to crawl before you can walk, sometimes you have to take time relearning how to walk before you can fly. 

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