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Madelyn Hill


Madelyn Hill | Chesapeake, OH

Paper Trails

28” x 40”  | Media 


maddie leaf3.jpg


maddie feather.jpg


Artist Statement

Paper Trails

When contemplating methods of flight, there are both literal as well as figurative forms of flight. I find the figurative flights to be the ones that most captivate me. Throughout my life, the one method of figurative flight that I can always rely upon is reading. When reading, I am able to be transported to any reality that I wish. Therefore, reading allows me “flight” from my everyday life. Regardless of what is occurring in my own life, I always have books to help me escape. 


With this particular piece, I wanted to convey what reading feels like through a tangible form. I included five books in this piece: Maximum Ride, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, The Hunger Games, and Throne of Glass. I chose these books because I read each in a pivotal point in my life; these books allowed me an escape when I needed it. Within each book cover, I created an image that I felt represented the specific book; however, each image is also able to stand independently from the books. This is because books can bring anything to life within their pages. All in all, this piece is meant to represent the “flight” from life that reading has always allowed me. 

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