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Haylee Reggi


Haylee Reggi | Hurricane, WV  

The Rise After the Fall

48” x 36” | Oil on Canvas  


Artist Statement

The Rise After the Fall

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is believed to be a symbol of perseverance, rising again and again despite their own demise. In my work, I wanted to convey flight as rising up from the depths of depression. I have encountered dark times, during which I have been consumed with feelings of hopelessness and despair. During these dark times I struggle to believe in things getting better.


However, every time I have fallen into these dark places, I have been able to endure the wicked feelings and thoughts I’ve had towards myself and the world. I’ve always been able to persevere and somehow talk myself off that ledge each time. It was this perseverance that I wanted to encompass in this piece; this flight of the spirit rising from the depths of despair and having the strength to continue on.

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